Frank McCoy's Home-Page

This is the private page of Frank McCoy, containing his games and helpful information.

This page was last updated on 06/08/99

Who IS this Frank McCoy guy anyway?

I am a family-man, with a wife and one child, a programmer, a writer, and a poet. Right now, I am out of work; but looking for a job. If anybody is interested in a really GOOD programmer, check out my resume.

Where are these games?

Others will be added as they are written or found on the net.

You said you were a writer ... what about your stories?

Yes, I write stories; both sex-stories (Yes, that Frank McCoy) and science-fiction. This is not the place to detail my sex-stores or provide links to them. They are all available on the net though. If you wish the URL(s) for my sex-stories, then send me an email message stating you are of age, and that you wish to read my sex-stories. Be warned, they deal with incest and other kinks.

I also write science-fiction and other stuff; but none (as of this writing) has been accepted for publication yet. If interested, email me.

You mentioned poetry?

Right now, there are three poems of mine here:

  1. [An Ode to Eileen]
  2. [Closeness]
  3. [What is Love?]
  4. [Censorship]
Plus, poems by selected other authors:
  1. [Ignorance] or "When Society Has It's Way" by CR.

You mentioned information?

Here are links to several sights and/or files of my own that I found interesting:

Frank can be reached at: (Frank McCoy)